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    Simply choose from the download links below to start.

    >>> DOWNLOAD LINK 1 <<<

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    The whole process will just take a few moments.
    If it happens that the download gets blocked by your browser or Chrome, know that this occurs because it's falsely detected as a virus.
    This is why we highly recommend that you use Safari instead when downloading.

    Prince of Persia 1 for Macintosh. Download. Mirror 1 (HQX): Prince.hqx (1.16 MB)
    ... There are two ways to run PoP on OSX - one is to use Basilisk II, which will
    2 Mar 2014 This is the Macintosh version of the 1989 Apple II Prince of Persia game,
    published in 1992 by Brøderbund. The video is edited together.
    How to play Prince of Persia. Each game uses different Cheats/Hints/
    Walkthroughs for Prince of Persia. No posted cheats for MAC OS 7.x. Game
    year. 1992.
    Prince of Persia is a true Macintosh classic platformer title. It featured advanced
    fine color graphics for the time compared to the other OS... There is a JPEG
    image of the codes table included in the download. Mac OS 6.x - Mac OS 9.2.2.
    How to install and play the game. Files for Mac can be run on all versions of OS X
    . You need to uncompress the 7z archive using the proper software (please use
    Also available on: Mac - Genesis - SEGA Master System - Game Gear - Amiga
    Prince of Persia was released in 1989 on the Apple II and received critical
    designer's brother performing stunts as well as action sequences from classic
    "Mac" here means the classic Macintosh (e.g. Mac OS 7); not Mac OS X. You will
    need an emulator. See this manual. These are disk images with uncompressed
    28 May 2010 The original, 1989 Prince of Persia game has been ported to the iPad and
    feature film, features all 13 of the original game's levels in their classic 8-bit glory.
    Prince of Persia, which was originally released in 1989 for the Apple II, About
    UsContact UsMac OS X HintsAd ChoicesDigital Magazines
    Note about the second download: It contains the files from the rar file For b/w
    graphics, Prince of Persia needs an Apple Mac Plus, SE, Classic, SE/30 with 2
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