Aston Villa VS Sheffield United, go for home

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    Aston Villa VS Sheffield United, go for home
    Aston Villa

    Aston Villa today's soccer tips finished 17th with an eye-catching performance in the last 4 rounds last season. The team play host Sheffield United in the first round in the new season and strives for a good start. They have defeated Sheffield United 3-1 at home in the League Cup and successfully advanced, which may encourage them a lot in this match.

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United played Wolves in the first league game, and finally lost 0-2 at home with various data advantages. The team faced Burnley in the League Cup and lost again. The recent state of Sheffield United has declined to the bottom. Another disadvantage is that this is the team's second consecutive away game, and they have 2 days less than Aston Villa for preparation.

    Data Analysis

    In the past 10 clashes, both sides have won 3 times. The handicap first odds was Aston Villa -0 with high-medium return, which dropped to medium-low level later. The companies obviously show support for the home team. I think we can follow their steps and go for Aston Villa in this game.

    Prediction: free soccer tips daily Aston Villa wins

    Score Prediction: 1-0


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